About Georgia Alliance for Health Literacy

The Georgia Alliance for Health Literacy (GAHL) is a nonprofit, volunteer coalition representing educators, researchers, government officials, health care providers, health care payers, patients and consumers. GAHL members raise awareness about health literacy skills, offer health literacy resources, and foster better communication for a healthy Georgia and a robust health care industry.

GAHL operates through in-kind donations of meeting space, conference calling capability and collateral development. GAHL’s presence online is funded through donations and is maintained by members of GAHL.

Welcome to the Georgia Alliance for Health Literacy.

What is health literacy?

Health literacy means that consumers and patients can obtain and understand information to make the best health decisions for themselves and their loved ones.

Why is health literacy important?

Health literacy is important because it enables people to know when and how to seek healthcare and prevention services. When people understand health information, they take medication correctly, keep their chronic diseases from getting out of hand, and reduce risks to their health. Health literacy keeps down medical expenses. Health literacy also increases equity in health outcomes for people from different social groups.