Search Smart for your Health

GAHL and GHSLA work together to promote Search Smart for your Health in recognition of Health Literacy Month, October 2015.





1. The site is not advertising or selling a particular product or service. 

The manufacturer may only show findings that would encourage you to buy the product or service. The information could be biased.


2. The address ends in .gov, .edu, or .org. 

Become familiar with health sites trusted by medical librarians which can get you trusted and understandable health information. You can start with-

  • MedlinePlus, produce by the National Library of Medicine

  • Healthfinder , from the US Department of Health and Human Services

Health sites ends in .com may represent a specific company or be sponsored by a company using the web for commercial reasons.

Some sites that end in .com may be okay, but some are just trying to sell you something.


3. The site is developed by a health professional organization or reviewed by board certified doctors. 

It is usually in the “about us” section and may be called “editorial policy” or “review policy.”


4. The site is not just a discussion board or chat session. 

Personal experiences or testimonials are not based on objective facts or proven medical research. Don’t always believe personal stories on the Web.


5. The site has a privacy policy. 

You should be find “Privacy” or “Privacy Policy” link.


6. The site is updated frequently. 

Health information is changing constantly as a result of new researches. A site that is not updated on regular basis may not provide information on new promising treatments.


7. Consult with your health professional. 

Ask your doctor if information or advice seems to contradict what you have learned from your doctor. Write down any words or information you do not understand or find confusing and make a list of your questions and concerns.


More tips on how to search smart:


You also can trust these sites & they are easy to understand.

These health sites are recommended by the Medical Library Association: