About the Georgia Alliance for Health Literacy

The Georgia Alliance for Health Literacy (GAHL) is a nonprofit, volunteer coalition that began in 2012 to advocate for clear communication in health promotion and clinical care.

The state-wide membership now includes over 125 educators, researchers, government officials, health care providers, health care payers, patients, and consumers who share this focus. GAHL members join together to raise awareness about health literacy skills, offer health literacy resources, and foster better communication for a healthy Georgia and a robust health care industry.

GAHL’s objectives include:

  • To highlight disparities in regards to access, understanding, and utilization of health information
  • To nurture collaboration among members, healthcare providers, and communities to find creative solutions to identified issues of health literacy
  • To promote and increase education regarding health literacy to members as well as to the larger community.
  • To locate, become a resource for, and disseminate health literacy “best practices” through electronic channels and in-person opportunities.

GAHL meets at least quarterly at various agencies and facilities. All are welcomed to attend meetings to receive provided education or to explore potential GAHL involvement. Remote access to meetings is also provided. GAHL meetings include member networking as well as professional development. GAHL’s activities are funded through both dues and donations and are maintained by volunteer members.

About Health Literacy – Why does this organization need your support?

Health Literacy is one’s ability to obtain, communicate, understand, and apply health information and services needed to make the best possible health decisions.

Improving health literacy among consumers, patients, and providers in Georgia will save tens of millions of dollars in healthcare costs, will reduce disease burden while improving quality of care, and will decrease the incidence of adverse events. Improving health literacy is also our best option for reducing health disparities among diverse residents of Georgia.

Our state is in great need of improved health literacy. GAHL and its membership can make a difference to meet that need. We invite you to join GAHL and engage in the cause of health literacy!

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Georgia Alliance for Health Literacy
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